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Ready. Set. Blog! 

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Ready. Set. Blog! is a premier program giving you THE step by step road map to launch your blog, build your website, establish a marketing plan and attract engaged readers with irresistible content over and over again.

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Blogging isn’t dead! People are still searching the internet for detailed information about their passions. While social media likes and amazing pictures are cool, it is time to claim a personal space online that you 100% OWN.

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The Blogger Glow-Up Masterclass

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I’ve been where you are. Starting a blog alone, confused, and basically going crazy from information overload. If you want to start a blog you’re probably thinking to yourself:

“I have so many ideas, I have no idea where to start.”

“How can I compete with all the other blogs on the internet?”

“Everyone seems to start so perfectly and get it right. I can’t launch until I get everything in place so people won’t judge me.”

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Hi! I'm Charlene McCraney!

I teach women the step by step process to launching a blog, getting past fear and attracting engaged readers to promote their passions.

Over the past five years, through my experience as a blogger and beauty influencer, many people have expressed to me they want to start a blog but are clueless on where to actually START. Hosting, domains, SEO, email lists…oh my! I might as well have been speaking a second language to them (and probably you too). No worries because I'm going to show you starting a blog is easier than you think.  

I’m on a mission to show women they can have a full-time job and a flourishing blog on the side to fuel their creative passions outside of work.  

The Blogger Glow-Up Masterclass

Are you ready to finally get started and move past fear to have the blog you've always wanted? Enroll in the Blogger Glow-Up Masterclass now.


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