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I teach women how to grow their audience, grow their traffic and improve their businesses through blogging and SEO so they can make money.

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"Before hiring Charlene I struggled with SEO in general. For example, how to rank, how to find the keywords that make sense - everything. SEO seemed like a foreign language and it wasn’t explained in terms that I understood. I got settled in the fact that this may never happen if I had to do it! After working with Charlene I'm now on the first page of Google for a vital keyword for my website. I went from a handful of views to 1000-2000 page-views a month by focusing on content."


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Blogging isn’t dead! People are still searching the internet for detailed information about their passions. While social media likes and amazing pictures are cool, it is time to claim a personal space online that you 100% OWN.

"I had no idea on how to start a blog but week after week you came through with tips!!! It’s like you were reading my mind. Because of your Blogger Start-Up School, I have purchased my domain, hosting and in the process of finishing my blog and ready to publish. Just to think a few months ago I was clueless. Thank you for really providing vital information and helping new bloggers like myself have a solid foundation in the blogging world. Blogger Start-Up School is everything and some!"

- Aspiring Blogger

A little more about me...

I'm Charlene McCraney. I enjoy blogging, SEO & Beyonce! (And not exactly in that order!)

I help small business owners drive traffic to their website & grow their business through SEO strategy and consulting. Read more about my story here



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