Increase traffic to your website, map out your SEO strategy and finally start growing your business

Are you tried of...


Trying to figure out the perfect blog post your audience will go crazy over? 

Scratching your head trying to figure out ways to monetize your influence?

Creating endless blog posts that you THINK are amazing but only a handful of people seem to read? 

Reading all the tips and tricks on how to drive engagement but that’s not translating to your blog traffic?

Applying to sponsored campaigns only to be denied because your overall online reach is too low?

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Here are 5 common myths bloggers usually believe that's holding them back ... 

  1. No one reads blogs anymore
  2. As long as my website and photos are pretty, it will drive traffic to my blog
  3. I can't compete with the bigger bloggers in my niche
  4. Brands only care about Instagram 
  5. Driving traffic to your blog is hard is you don't have a ton of social media followers
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It's time to stop...

Spending all of your time blogging without a strategic plan for growth.

Here's what blogging strategically looks like... 


Publishing content your ideal reader wants to most.

Researching topics that will provide endless value to your reader.

Analyzing your data to figure out what people are also responding to the most on your website.

Making sure your website provides the best user experience.

Finding trusted websites to partner with in order for them to refer your blog to others.


SEO can put you on a plan for increased blog traffic, growing your audience and turning your blog into a business.

What people think SEO is

  • Scary & difficult to understand (you may not even know what it stands for)
  • A magic wand to solve all of your traffic problems
  • Putting words into the YOAST SEO WordPress Plug-in
  • Something you can only do if you run a major website with millions of visitors 
  • A service only "technical" people can do successfully

What SEO actually is

  • Putting your ideal reader first when creating content
  • Understanding what your audience is searching for on Google
  • A process any website can take advantage of no matter the monthly traffic it has
  • Structuring your website so Google refers your blog more often in search results
  • A long-term strategy for growth 


SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

Unlike content that can go viral and Facebook ads which both provide temporary spikes in traffic, implementing an SEO strategy for your blog is a long-term game. 

There is no overnight success but once you have the strategy it can sustain your growth for months and even years to come. 

It’s about time you figured out how to get more people to read your blog and write content your audience is actually searching for every day online.

Are you ready to see increased traffic to your blog and monetize it in order to turn your passion into a business?

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Blog Like A Pro! 


My Blog Like A Pro! SEO VIP Day is designed to help you increase your confidence to position yourself as a professional blogger. Grow your blog traffic and create a strategic content plan tailored to your blog niche to figure out what your audience is searching for online every day. 

Without my Blog Like A Pro! SEO VIP day, bloggers and content creators would continue to publish content without a real plan for growth and struggle to increase page-views preventing them from blogging like a business owner.  

Learn how to create strategic blog content so it ranks in top Google search results, increase page views month over month and finally get on the path to monetize your blog. Gain clarity around SEO and grow your audience with my proven 4 step system.


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Blog Like A Pro! VIP Day Testimonials

Here's what Morgan had to say about her VIP Day.

Morgan wanted to learn how to master SEO to get consistent traffic to her blog and how to give her readers valuable content, balancing what they are looking for with what she wants to share.


Brianna's VIP day helped her gain clarity on keyword research...

Before working with me Brianna struggled with blog formatting and understanding of a good strategy for keyword research and usage.


What will I learn?

Through my four part SEO Elevation System you will learn

What Is It Like Working With Me?

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Before hiring Charlene I struggled with SEO in general. For example, how to rank, how to find the keywords that make sense - everything. SEO seemed like a foreign language and it wasn’t explained in terms that I understood. I got settled in the fact that this may never happen if I had to do it! After working with Charlene I'm now on the first page of Google for a vital keyword for my website. I went from a handful of views to 1000-2000 page-views a month by focusing on content.

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Marty McDonald

Founder & CEO, Boss Women Media

We had hundreds of articles but we were creating and pushing out content and it wasn't going anywhere. With the help of Charlene and digging deep in areas of opportunities, we have been able to optimize our content to really show up more strongly in search results. I was able to train a team member to apply the SEO strategy to all of our content going forward in order to take our community to the next level.

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This is for you if...

You want increased page views to take advantage of monetizing your blog through ad revenue, affiliate links and even selling your own products.

You want to turn your blog into a business and position your value for better monetization opportunities and sponsored campaigns.

You want to go from blogging sporadically to a full strategic blog content plan that will drive more traffic to your website and position you as a relevant authority in your blog niche.

You are tired of the Instagram algorithm and finally want to grow your audience on a platform that you own i.e. your own blog.

You want to know how to drive more traffic to your blog overall.

The Blog Like A Pro! SEO VIP Day is not for you if...


You are searching for get rich quick approaches to blogging

You are looking for quick, overnight results. As I stated before, SEO is a long-term game that can take 3-6 months before you start to see significant change.

You do not enjoy writing. This is essential to blogging and SEO improvement.

You are not self-motivated to implement the strategies I teach. If you are looking for full-service, hands off SEO implementation for your website, I welcome you to inquire about a separate package. I'd love to help! Email me at [email protected]

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The Blog Like A Pro!  SEO VIP day is virtual intensive designed to help you map out your SEO strategy, increase your blog traffic and create a strategic content plan tailored to your audience. Learn how to grow your blog with SEO so you can gain continuous traffic month after month from organic search results and rely less on social media. 

Blog Like A Pro VIP Days Are Currently Not Available

What if I'm not a blogger? My small business has a blog that needs SEO. 

Yes, I work with small businesses too! My SEO Improvement Monthly Retainer services allows you to reap the full benefits of the Blog Like A Pro! VIP day as well. This is a complete done for you service to maximize your results and time. Sit back, relax and know your all of your SEO needs are taken care of on a monthly basis.

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