The Blogger Glow-Up Masterclass

How to Ditch Fear, Unstuck Yourself, and Start Your Blog Without Comparing Yourself to Others

Learn the 3 Self-Sabotaging Myths Stopping You From Starting Your Blog

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In The Blogger Glow-Up Masterclass You Will Learn...

How to Gain Clarity On What Sets You Apart From Other Bloggers

in order for you to launch confidently without worrying about what everyone else on the internet is doing.

How to Move Past Being Paralyzed By Perfection & Just Start

so you can launch quickly and make your mark. Everyone seems to launch so "perfectly" right? We're cutting through the smoke and mirrors.

How to Be Successful Without a Ton Of Instagram Followers

which will allow you to spend your precious time focusing on perfecting ways to drive traffic to your blog outside of social media. 

The Mindset Shift You Need Is In The Blogger Glow-Up Masterclass

Get past your fear, get confident in promoting yourself, and stop caring if a million people have already talked about your blog topic.

I’m here to tell you right now there is no time for that negative self talk. There is room for everyone to be at the table. And if you don't currently think there is room...bring your own chair.

In this masterclass we are tackling how you can get out of your way and finally launch or level up the blog you’ve always wanted.

Enrollment Now Closed

The Blogger Glow-Up Masterclass Is A Must Attend If You've Said To Yourself...

"I know I have something to offer but I battle with everything being perfect."

"I'm scared my blog will flop and only like 5 people will read it."

"I'm trying to find a way to stand out in an over-saturated market before I start my blog."

"I have so many ideas in my head...I have no idea which topic to focus on."

Enrollment Now Closed

You don't need a fancy logo. You don't need a photo shoot. You don't need to spend thousands on a new website...

You need to START!

A Personal Invitation From Charlene


Hi I'm Charlene McCraney! 

I teach women the step by step process to launching a blog, getting past fear and attracting engaged readers to promote their passion.

I’m on a mission to show women you can have a full-time job and a flourishing blog on the side to fuel your creative passions outside of work.  As a result, I'm personally inviting you to The Blogger Glow-Up Masterclass

A Glow-Up is the process of taking ownership for your life, doing the hard work and taking your goals to the next level. And that's exactly what this Masterclass is all about. I'm SO EXCITED to chat with you!

See you in the Masterclass!


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