About Charlene McCraney & Blogger Start-Up School

 Charlene McCraney is a blogging coach and SEO strategist who teaches women how to increase traffic to their website so they can grow their audience, make money, and grow their business. 

In her 5 plus years of blogging, she has been able to generate consistent high traffic to her website creating passive income and monetizing through a variety of mediums. 

Charlene is passionate about showing bloggers and small business owners they have value beyond a follower count.  After developing a very unhealthy relationship with Instagram, Charlene shifted her focus to a platform she actually owned which brought her even more joy and success - her blog.

As a result, Charlene helps other bloggers and business owners through her signature SEO VIP Day where she teaches her four-part proven SEO system to set your website up for success in order to consistently generate organic search traffic from Google daily.

In addition, she helps small business owners through her Done for You SEO Improvement Services, which maximizes time, and results for business owners who do not have the capacity to implement SEO strategy themselves.

Charlene also created her free #BlogGoals challenge that helps bloggers with showing up consistently for 30 days and teaches newbie bloggers how to build and launch a blog from scratch in 90 days through her online course Ready. Set. Blog!

When she’s not blogging or helping clients with SEO you can find her working out or binge-watching TV shows with her husband on the couch. Currently, they are obsessed with The Blacklist & The Profit.

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