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(without being overwhelmed by the process & scared of the technical stuff)
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If you are a person eager to share your passions in order to inspire others or social media influencer looking to create an online space you 100% own, then you already know how powerful creating a blog can be. 

Let me cut right to the chase…

You have heard this plenty of times before. After all, you already KNOW that having a blog is a great way to establish your personal brand, position yourself as a subject matter expert in your space and is a fantastic way to reach more people. 

You also know that you don’t own Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and having a blog is a secure place for your valuable content to live. I like to call it having a piece of Internet real estate.

Even though the reasons to start a blog are apparent, the process of actually doing so successfully is anything but obvious and here is why…

You’ve probably said to yourself, “OK, cool. Let’s do this!” You came up with a cute blog name, designed a pretty logo, and even planned out your outfits for your branding photoshoot!

But the main reason you didn’t follow through and actually begin is that you immediately become overwhelmed with the technology of starting a website, you started to feel like you didn’t have enough time to commit and you wondered how you could be consistent with so many other things going on in your life. 


Don’t feel bad; a lot of people fall victim to those things, too! Tons of other people have tried and stopped. But...there is still PLENTY of space in the blogging world for you to make your mark (as long as you avoid those things that made you fall short from before).

The 3 Myths Why You Haven’t Started:

#1 You’re afraid people don’t read blogs anymore.

#2 You think you need to spend thousands of dollars on a website.

#3 You believe you need a ton of followers on Instagram.

Let me be 100% real, drop some gems on you and let you in on a little secret…

Even though thousands of blogs are popping up every day (and probably amazing ones in your focus area), few people will launch confidently and be consistent in growing their blogs effectively. 

And the main reason is they are focusing on all of the wrong things when first starting out as a new blogger. long as you can avoid the myth that starting a blog is a super daunting task that sucks up time and money, you can start strong. 

The critical ingredient is a proven guide for success. 

And with your permission, if you allow me, I would love to show you how.


A 3 Month Blog Authority Accelerator

Get A Step By Step Road Map to Launching Your Blog Without the Overwhelm, Creating Content Consistently and Attracting Readers Over And Over Again.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the past five years of blogging and broken it down so you can feel confident about creating and launching your blog with the help of someone who has personally been in your shoes. With hundreds of blog posts published and over 2,000,000 lifetime website page views, I’m here to give you the blueprint. You don’t have to figure everything out on your own. 

SKIP THE STRUGGLE. Claim your brand authority online & achieve your goals.

Enrollment Is Now Closed

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The Ready. Set. Blog! 3 Month Blog Authority Accelerator helps new bloggers establish their online presence, build a website from the ground up, develop a content creation strategy, and launch successfully in order to reach their blog goals. 

Want to work with brands? Sell products? Or become a subject matter expert in your industry? The Ready. Set. Blog! 3 Month Blog Authority Accelerator gives you the structure and accountability to succeed.

Ready. Set. Blog! is a one of a kind blog accelerator that allows you to finally get your blog created and out to the public successfully even if you’ve tried to start several times before.

Ready Set. Blog! is the only blog accelerator program of its kind that:

  • Shows you how to establish a community of people, build trust, and pour into them consistently to provide the real value of what they are seeking from you - whether you realize it or not. 
  • Teaches you how to define your niche and develop your personal story of what inspired you to want to create a blog in the first place. And it shows you how to position yourself to stand out against the other millions of bloggers online.
  • Demonstrates how owning a blog can impact other people’s lives through your content by making your blog easier to find on the internet.
  • Quickly outlines, step by step, how to build a blog even if you are scared of the technical things that come with having a website. 
  • Motivates you to see your TRUE VALUE and teaches you how to shift your mind from feeling like you don’t have what it takes to be a successful blogger to OWNING your content and worth.
  • Teaches you the value of SEO as blogger so you aren’t dependent on social media to promote your content.

So if you are finally ready to stop procrastinating and start your blog here is how we will get there…

Month 1: Establish Your Online Foundation

Start the Ready. Set. Blog! Accelerator with a clear vision and goal setting kick-off strategy call. 

Before you write a single blog post, it is vital to understand your “WHY” and know where you fit into the crazy competitive world of blogging. Without this, you are primed to be lost with no focus on how to structure your blog for success. 

With the Nailing Your Niche and Ideal Customer Profile guides, you will be able to identify your WHY, your purpose for blogging and focus on who you should be targeting with your content. 

Let’s Get Technical! In this lesson, you will be able to secure your domain and hosting provider, create your account, upload a blog theme, and complete the essential customizations and design of your website. 

Understanding the backend side of your website is so important! If something breaks, you want to know what to do. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve talked to bloggers who have no idea how to work a website they own. Another person designed their blog, then disappeared, and now the blogger is lost with no idea how to move forward. Don’t be that person.

I will also give information on the must-have plug-ins, necessary security measures to prevent hacks, and how to optimize your website page speed.


  • Website Builder Road Map
  • Breakdown of technical terms
  • Step by Step WordPress Theme Upload Guide
  • Relevant Pages for Your Blog, Policy & Disclosures. Copy & Paste Swipe files for you to use 

Month 2: Create Content and Build Your Audience

Now that we've established your online foundation, the content creation strategy call will set you up for success as you enter month 2 of the Ready. Set. Blog! Accelerator. 

You do not want your blog launch to be a surprise, and even worse, you do not want to launch to crickets. By focusing on building your audience first, you help to build up suspense before releasing your blog. Building an audience also keeps people engaged. In this lesson, we will focus on building an audience with Mailchimp and setting up your account & developing an opt-in freebie! 


  • Mailchimp set up Cheat Sheet that’s easy to follow
  • Lead Magnet Brainstorming Worksheets & how to get people to opt-in and increase your email list before you even launch to the public
  • Breakdown of how to add pop-up forms to your blog and how to design them to convert email sign-ups

Now your blog has a clear focus, your domain is secured, and you have people on your email list eagerly awaiting your launch! Next, it is time to create fantastic content that will consistently keep them coming back for more! 

Consistency kills the competition every time. If you are not consistent in the beginning, you risk maintaining momentum for people to take you and your blog seriously. 

In this lesson, you will learn which format of blog posts are the most engaging, how to write captivating headlines, and how to create a content calendar that works for your schedule. 


  • PDF Checklist of things you must do before hitting the “Publish” button
  • Breakdown of my Top 10 Most Engaging blog post titles that have generated the most website traffic
  • Anatomy of a Great Blog Post − I’m giving you my proven blog post outline that allows your audience to read quickly (because timespans are short) and helps you understand the methods that encourage social media shares to Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter

Month 3: Launch & Promote Consistently

Month 3 we are in the home stretch! It's time to launch and promote your blog content consistently. This strategy call is to review your plan and ensure you make an impact upon launch.

If there is one thing that I love more than blogging, it’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! It is hands down, the single most significant contributor to success for my blog and has been since day one, five years ago. 

  • In this bonus module, I am taking you behind the scenes of my dashboard to show you exactly what I do to achieve the best SEO for the blog post that has reached over 298,000-page views to date!

If there is one thing that I love more than blogging, it’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! It is hands down, the single biggest contributor of success for my blog and has been since day one, 5 years ago. 

In this bonus module, I am taking you behind the scenes of my dashboard to show you exactly what I do to achieve the best SEO for the blog post that has achieved over 298,000-page views to date!

I know one of the reasons you are interested in starting a blog might be because you are wondering how you can monetize your efforts and make money. Trust me I get it! I've gotten this feedback a ton of times. That's why for the Ready. Set. Blog! 3 Month Accelerator I'm offering this bonus.

I'm excited to offer this in-depth 101 interview with Michelle Thames, Social Media Strategist & full time mom blogger. Michelle has been blogging for 8 years and has replaced a full time salary through blogging. With this bonus we are breaking down the real about how to make money from the things no one tells you on Instagram!

I want to take a special moment to say this...

I encourage you to take the #BossBloggerChallenge. What does that mean? 

Building a blog even with my help and step by step road map still takes discipline and will require you to commit like a #BossBlogger. Don’t underestimate how much work you will have to put in. 

You will still have to show up and do the work. Ready. Set. Blog! is a transformational experience that will successfully get you up and running with confidence. Just remember this: Done is better than perfect. I launched my blog and changed it 4 times in the past 5 years because I kept learning new things. 

Launching a blog from the ground up takes commitment. I understand. If within 30 days you no longer think Ready. Set. Blog! is for you, just let me know and you will receive a full refund.  See more details here >>> 

"Before hiring Charlene my thoughts were all over the place making it hard for me to really determine my niche. I also struggled with building the site. I tried building the site on my own. Watching YouTube videos and attempting to pull ideas from many other bloggers. I am proud that I was able to launch in just 3 months. Launching was my ultimate goal and we crushed it in Blogger Start-Up School! "


"Major wins. I’ve started! I’m in the process of launching a blog. That’s huge for me. Each time I open my computer I feel confident because I know if I have a question I can just go back to the video and watch step by step. Another win was narrowing down my niche and not feeling like I have to talk to EVERYBODY anymore. "


"Almost finished with Module 3! But my blog is really coming along! So excited and so proud of what I am seeing! I can't believe I'm creating this on my own (in a sense). Really a great course Charlene! Just wow!"


I Know You're Probably Thinking, Charlene, I’m Just Not Sure…

Here’s what most successful students will ask before enrolling in the program:

The goal is to remove the sweeping pressure of feeling like you have to know everything all at once. Ready. Set. Blog! allows you to consume the modules weekly so you have enough time to digest and implement the content. Work at your own pace every week as your schedule allows. 

There is no need to have anxiety. With the Website Builder Road Map, I am literally walking you through step by step of how to do everything from scratch via video (from purchasing your domain & hosting, installing a WordPress theme, understanding must-have customizations and plug-ins). Long gone are the days where you need to have coding skills to have a beautiful website − it’s 2020! You can do this! And I’m going to show you how. 

Yeah, Instagram (IG) can bring brand deals and IG can also delete your account without a moment’s notice if they want to − and with NO explanation. I’ve seen it happen to an account with over 1 million followers. It took the blogger almost a year to have her account restored. Having a place that you 100% own is just as great of an investment − if not better. Think of your blog as the ice cream sundae and Instagram as the cherry on top. Also, if you think Brands aren’t paying top dollar for blog posts, think again and ask a Brand manager. Brands also want content that is “sticky” and content that is searchable with longer lifetime value. I teach all about this in the SEO Bonus! 

I’m so happy you asked this! As a BONUS to the program, you will get a blog Audit of your website before you launch to the public. You get the opportunity to have a second set of eyes look over everything and provide valuable feedback before you go LIVE. 

I’m so glad you are wondering this, too! I’ve often found that one on one calls yield the best results with students. 3 strategy calls are included standard as part of the Ready. Set. Blog! Accelerator. 

I understand people have different ways of learning, that’s why as another BONUS I’m also Q&A in a private Facebook Group.

Last but not least, in the group, you will have the opportunity to find an accountability partner and get real-time support from others in the program. 

I really really REALLY want you to take the #BossBloggerChallenge and commit to following the program exactly.  If I can do it, you can too. I’m not special. I don’t have access to any private masterminds or secret groups. Things were not always easy for me. I just put in the work, have a proven road map that's gotten me to success and I want to help you! If you commit to the #BlossBloggerChallenege.

But if you believe Ready. Set. Blog! is not for you, you are able to receive a full refund within 30 days of purchase. See the refund policy instructions here.

In 3 Months Go From...

Feeling confused on the type of content you should create, stressed over building a website and lost on how to get people to your blog to...

A Defined Blog Niche

Create your own space in the blogging world & become an authority in your industry by getting crystal clear on who you serve.

A Professional Website

Make a lasting first impression. Learn how to build a blog from the ground up without spending thousands of dollars.

A Blog With Consistent Content & Traffic

Social media isn't the only way to be a successful blogger. Learn SEO strategy to drive traffic to your blog despite your follower count. 

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